Owner and Creator of OOMOO

Due to it being a passion from a very young age, hairdressing was her immediate career choice. Julie started her career at 15 and has now been in the industry for over 30 years. In that time she has had the privilege of working with and being inspired by, many talented individuals.

Hairdressing gives her the opportunity to show her creativity and passion through her hands as she strives to create a unique look for each and every guest sitting in her chair.

Julie decided to take the organic path due to her own intolerance to mainstream ingredient and this coupled with her love of animals and her desire to be better to the environment drove her to find the products which meet the needs of her and her guests.

Rebecca Hogg

Rebecca has been in the industry for 10 years and joined OOMOO in 2013. She started at OOMOO with the impression she may stay a year or so. At OOMOO, she has found somewhere where she feels relaxed and comfortable and here we are, 7 years later and Rebecca has evolved into a very talented stylist.

Becca is very precise and neat in her style and at OOMOO she has the freedom to express her creative talent which has only increased her popularity.

Julie Wales


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