OOMOO was a dream. To have my own salon on the High Street. it was the first step of my vision to create something new and different, a place where the usual salon smell was missing and a sense of calm and tranquility was abound.

I was aware of the need to move away from chemical products and I had been using organic products for a few years, but organic was new and niche, especially in a small village and not really known. Many told me that it wouldn't catch on and that I might last a year, but without giving it a go, we'd never know.

OOMOO started life in the old bookies, next to the White Horse. Just me and my daughter, hidden away out of sight. Armed with buckets of enthusiasm, 1 backwash and 2 stations (and a big comf=y sofa) the doors were opened and the dream began.

Organic was the order of the day, every day. At OOMOO you could not only have your hair done, organicly, but grab that ethically sourced dress or recycled handbag. OOMOO was a one stop shop for fair trade goodies.

As word got around, popularity increased, and OOMOO began to outgrow the bookies and somewhere else was needed. Thankfully, we didn't need to move too far as OOMOO moved over the road into the old shoe shop and Geejays became the new OOMOO. Armed with the same enthusiasm and now more stations and backwashes we opened the doors again and the dream continued.

Organic became very much the way forward and more desirable. OOMOO became more focused on hair and the right products and the clothing and the recyclables went. 

As the years passed and OOMOO continues to grow, the ideals which lead me to start in the first place seemed to have been lost in the success and I felt, for me, OOMOO had lost its soul.

SO, for the last few years, Little OOMOO has been in planning. I knew that OOMOO needed to be brought home. Firstly, we needed to find the right home so the hunt was on to move house. The "right house" came and went on several occasions, until we really found the right house and the right place for little OOMOO.

The next step was imagining little OOMOO. She needed to be something different, something special. A trip the London and Grand Designs Live and bingo, there she was. 

To our knowledge and to the knowledge of the makers, there are no other salons in a YURT!!

Certainly this is different, but I want little OOMOO to recapture to essence of the beginning. I feel I have created a space of peace, calm and tranquility. A place where you can just relax away from a busy High Street. At little OOMOO its about you. As well as being my client, you are also my invited Guest. 

The OOMOO Story