the salon

If there is one stand out feature of OOMOO, one word to describe it, that word would be, "different".
OOMOO is not your normal hair salon, its different. OOMOO is a salon like no other. OOMOO is organic. Entering OOMOO you're not met with the usual chemical smell, but the subtle waft of incense burning. Nothing used in or available to buy contains any of the nasty chemicals, the sulphates, the parabens, the ammonias etc, that we don't want, but contain the certified organics, the botanicals, the naturals that we do. And nothing has been tested on animals!!!
At OOMOO, its all about you. This is your time and its our job to ensure that this is a good time. This is why you will always be met with a warm welcome, the offer of a drink and something to read.

oomoo organic hair salon

OOMOO is the passion of founder, owner and senior stylist Julie Wales. OOMOO was created with one purpose in mind, to create a space which was warn and inviting, a comfortable place like sitting at home in your living room. This is why we created OOMOO lounge. OOMOO Lounge is a place where clients can go to relax, either before or during their experience in the salon. We have very comfortable leather reclining chairs and a leather sofa, perfect for relaxing with that coffee.

We have tried to continue the theme throughout OOMOO of using recycled things, from old scaffold boards, crates, pallets and cable reels; anything natural we can fashion into a piece of functional furniture or a quirky thing. Everything is done to try to make OOMOO different...